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Beard oil for growth

As awesome as it would be to have a magical serum which grows your beard hair immediately, that is unfortunately mostly determined by genetics.


At BrazenBeard we can offer you a couple of things, we can make you a beard oil that will nourish your skin, facial hair, and promote the best conditions for growth.  We can also offer you a wash that can clear away and moisturize facial hair which tends to be quite a bit thicker than head hair.

That's all good and well, and it's true for most beard oils;  At BrazenBeard we take a step further and make sure we only use cold pressed natural oils, which in our opinion makes for a better product.  You can actually read our ingredient list without being a chemist, and it's all killer, no filler.  On top of that we source from suppliers who ethically source items themselves.  This is BrazenBeard's part in trying to make the world a better place while preserving the entrepreneurial spirit and running a business.  We also manufacture in North America, and source as much from North America as possible.  We'd like to source everything locally but tropical plants are notoriously uncooperative unless it's warm and the sun is shining all year.

So let us help you maintain that mane by going  to either our Beard Oils or Beard Washes.  As always, make something, look good doing it.