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A Beard Company Owner’s Perspective on Masculinity

Masculinity.  What is it and what do we do about it? Depending on who you talk to it’s either a central way of being, an ethos to live and die by; or something very toxic that society would be better off without.  As always the devil is in the details; and the details change from person to person. So what does masculinity mean to me?   It means leaving the world in better shape than I found it, and that takes many forms.   Professionally, I hope to have made people’s lives easier Personally, I hope to have made solid, and sincere friendships, and that I’ve helped them out enough so they remember me after I’m gone Hopefully, I’ve left...

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Beard Oil vs Balm

One of the questions we get asked at BrazenBeard is if we recommend beard oil or beard balm. The short answer?  It depends.                            Beard oil from BrazenBeard is really good at hydrating; as it has a combination of all natural, cold pressed, organic oils that hydrate the beard and skin.  Beard balm is almost as good at hydrating, though it has fewer oils, it also has organic beeswax, organic cocoa butter and organic shea butter. This has the added benefit of gently styling your beard and giving it some hold.  Beard balm can also help out with patchy beards as you can style it and it does...

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Beard oil for growth

As awesome as it would be to have a magical serum which grows your beard hair immediately, that is unfortunately mostly determined by genetics.   At BrazenBeard we can offer you a couple of things, we can make you a beard oil that will nourish your skin, facial hair, and promote the best conditions for growth.  We can also offer you a wash that can clear away and moisturize facial hair which tends to be quite a bit thicker than head hair. That's all good and well, and it's true for most beard oils;  At BrazenBeard we take a step further and make sure we only use cold pressed natural oils, which in our opinion makes for a better product. ...

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